Welcome to The State Internal Audit Advisory Board (Board). Our mission is to promulgate a uniform set of professional standards and a code of ethics (based on the standards and ethics of the Institute of Internal Auditors, the General Accounting Office, and other professional standards as applicable) to which all State internal auditors must adhere. The Board also serves as a clearinghouse for the correlation of internal audit training needs, training designed to meet those needs, and coordinates quality assurance review activities among the State's internal audit units.

The purpose of this Web site is to enhance the support services we provide to our customers. We've provided a number of resources here to help you with auditing solutions, on-line training and education, and to gather suggestions on how to better serve the internal auditing profession of the State of Illinois. 

For any questions regarding the content and resources provided on this site, please contact us at stephen.kirk@illinois.gov.


Stephen D. Kirk, CIA, CGAP
State Internal Audit Advisory Board Chair




SIAAB "What's New" Highlights:


New Job Postings

The Illinois Department of Transportation is seeking to fill the position of a Deputy Director of Internal Audits.
Posted: 04/01/16

The Illinois Management Agency has an opening for a Chief Internal Auditor position.
Posted: 04/01/16

For other employment opportunities, please visit the SIAAB's Employment Opportunities webpage.


SIAAB Resources

Several new links have been added to the SIAAB Resources webpages for State Internal Audit Employment Opportunities, Association Resources, and Other Resources.
Posted: 12/11/15


SIAAB Guide 05 and 06

SIAAB Guidance 05 on "Conforming with FCIAA and Standards in Small Audit Functions in the State of Illinois" and SIAAB Guidance 06 on"Pre-Implementation Reviews for non-IT Auditors in the State of Illinois", were adopted by the Board on December 8, 2015.  For this and previously adopted guidance documents, please visit the SIAAB Guidance page at https://siaab.audits.uillinois.edu/SIAAB_Guidance/.
Posted: 12/09/15


SIAAB Audit Program Library

Several shared resources related to IT pre-installation reviews have been added to theSIAAB Audit Program Library's resources webpage.
Posted: 10/1/15