Quality Assurance Review Course Outline

Lesson 1        FCIAA and SIAAB

Lesson 2        Internal Auditing Standards Overview

Lesson 3        IIA Attribute Standard 1000: Purpose, Authority, and Responsibility

Lesson 4        IIA Attribute Standard 1100: Independence and Objectivity

Lesson 5        IIA Attribute Standard 1200: Proficiency and Due Professional Care

Lesson 6        IIA Attribute Standard 1300: Quality Assurance and Improvement Program

Lesson 7        IIA Performance Standard 2000: Managing the Internal Audit Activity

Lesson 8        IIA Performance Standard 2100: Nature of Work

Lesson 9        IIA Performance Standard 2200: Engagement Planning

Lesson 10      IIA Performance Standard 2300: Performing the Engagement

Lesson 11      IIA Performance Standard 2400: Communicating Results

Lesson 12      IIA Performance Standard 2500: Monitoring Progress
                       IIA Performance Standard 2600: Resolution of Senior Management's Acceptance of Risks

Lesson 13      SIAAB Quality Assurance Coordinators

Lesson 14      SIAAB Quality Assurance Review Program

Field of Study:  Governmental Auditing

CPE: 4.0 CPE Hours

Course Level: Chief Internal Auditors, External Audit Managers, and External/Internal Supervisors and Staff

Course Objectives: To contribute directly to the professional competency of State Internal Auditors by providing an update on current professional internal auditing standards, laws, and the SIAAB responsibilities.